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i quit - faerydreaming

Apr. 10th, 2005 11:18 pm i quit

i did it... after oh so much deliberation and talk, i finally resigned today. well, handed in my notice, i still have to do a week or so working. but after six weeks, the end is nigh - i feel so freeeeee!!!

travel plans coming on slowly, the wedding is now being delayed to the 20th august to accomadate my sister working with palestinian refugees and there being no direct flights from lebanon to kyrgyzstan. and my parents have just about accepted that i'll be travelling solo for five weeks, visas permitting. my mum actually told me i shoulnd't plan where to go as i might meet people and find interesting things to do... exactly as i wanted but thought they'd need to have an itinery from me. so woo! too bad i'm going to have a three weeks less of wages to play with... oh well.

other news. last night i started randomly snipping my hair. there was just a wee bit that needed cut, then another, and another, and then i had to do the other side... so today it went all very odd curls and bits that wouldn't stay tied up flying around the place in the wind up calton hill. i think georgina had quite a bit more skill and artistic vision when she cut my hair like this initially.

tomorrows the big launch, very exciting but i'm a bit scared that my 'refugee survival trust' badge will make the press expect me to know things. and what am i going to wear!!! i suppose i'm going to be on show as the chairmans daughter as well as a volunteer. oh yeah, it'll be the first time i'll see my dad in proper work mode, giving a speech and everything. hehe.

so i suppose i better go get some sleep.


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