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a kids head on an adult body
'i spy...', activism, alternativism, american beauty, amélie, anti-bush, aqua, azure ray, beaches, beauty, beer, being free, being hyper, beleiving in people, beltane, bic runga, bilston, bright eyes, camden, campaign for nuclear disarmament, camping, celeidhs, chatting to randoms, cheap clothes, cheese, chocolate, chocolate brownies, courtney love, craigencalt, crazy/beautiful, crunching dried autumn leaves, cycling, damien rice, dashboard confessional, day-dreaming, del amitri, devendra banhart, dirty dancing, doc martens, donnie darko, dreams, drunken memories, echo and the bunnymen, edinburgh, elephants, elliot smith, emiliani torrini, er, fabulous friends, fair trade, family, feeder, fight club, films, fireworks, flowers, food, forest, forest gump, free houses, free stuff, grateful dead, hammocks, happy days, harry potter books, hogmanay, hope, hot chocolate, hugs, immature-ness, jefferson airplane, jet, ks choice, laughing, laziness, london buses, long walks, loving life, mammoth phone conversations, maroon 5, mopey music, mountains, mushrooms, music, musicals, my own bed, my sisters clothes, my walls, nickel creek, offspring, open-mindedness, pancakes, patch adams, peace, people, photography, piercings, pjama bottoms, placebo, ploughshare housing co-op, poe, politics, portishead, positive news, pot, pretentious art students, psychology, queen, rainbows, reading, red wine, rem, run lola run, scottish green party, scrabble, sentimentalism, showers, shrek, silly dancing, silly faces, sleeping, smiles, spinning, staying up too late, sunny days, swimming in the sea, tequila, tessa, the beach, the beatles, the cameo, the cranberries, the filmhouse, the metro, the tuberians, thinking too much, thirteen, trains, travelling, trees, vegetarian brunch, vegetarianism, vodka, volunteering, waterfalls, whisky, writing