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31st december the eve of my eighteenth, so i thought i'd have a few… - faerydreaming

Jan. 2nd, 2006 08:48 pm

31st december

the eve of my eighteenth, so i thought i'd have a few friends round for a nice intimate meal.. well, seventeen-ish people is still kinda intimate, yeah? my saying 'bring a dish or a bottle' winded me up with quite a few bottles of red wine... not that i'm complaining of course

with yummy food cooked by andrew, katharine, anna & jo, and a glorious toad in the hole which served as my birthday cake, we celebrated the night in very mixed company.. perfect later for 'never have i ever' as a drinking game.. my drink of choice was pink ginger cordial diluted with vodka... such a good invention!

so we all shared lots and learnt more.. many interesting conversations have already followed from the things we have done - a good thing i'm sure?

at some point after eleven we all left the flat and made our way to calton hill, red wine and cheap baileys in hand.. lost everyone and found them all sometime after the fireworks.. speaking of the fireworks, they were truly beautiful.. then looked over all across edinburgh surrounded by lovely lovely people... one missing of course, so i called mr will and was ridiculously drunk on the phone to him... anyway..

at some point a load of us starting walking down the hill, to what ended up being a party with forest people in the innocent railway.. by the time we got there our group had filtered down to tessa, katharine, andrew and i, but we met lots of fabulous people there... danced and danced and drunkenly chatted and ran up and down the tunnel and danced and got very dirty somehow..(??)

left there at four-ish and on the walk home across the meadows we stumbled across a chrsitmas tree sticking out of a bin.. the poor thing... so andrew picks it up and declares we need one for the flat, and 'happy birthday amy' and proceeds the carry this monstrosity for about 20 minutes then up to the fourth floor for me.. bless him. home safe and in the hall we wrap my duckie lights around it and wake up (by dragging out of bed...) people staying in the flat. after admiring our handiwork we sit and chat for a bit but i'm falling asleep on the sofa and go to bed sometime after five.. tessa crawling in with me about an hour later..

wake up bright and early at nine-ish to see then ends of a beautiful pink sunrise and can't get back to sleep.. occupy myself till half two by which time everyone's up and we go for a (lengthy!) walk up blackford hill and frolick in the woods.. about five hours later we head back to andrews flat and see some lovely people and have a well-deserved shisha puff and coconut-milk stir fry... mm

then back to to my flat for a grand clean-up and watch of flashdance (thanks b!) in katharines bed where i get birthday cake and chocolates courtesy of amy and ross... my sister turns up just before midnight, to give me a beautiful 'faery door' and we crash out utterly for ten hours...

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Date:January 2nd, 2006 10:31 pm (UTC)
Your entry makes me smile, you sound so wonderfully, incredibly happy. I haven't seen you in Far Too Long. Ellie xx-xx-xx.
Date:January 12th, 2006 11:57 am (UTC)
helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo tis Andrew and Nicole

we are having immmense fun in somebodys house who's paying us to supposedly walk doggies. We spent last night at a sleazy stip club with Bryony, which was a larf and very unerotic to be frank. They weren't really that good at dancing and only one of them had decent breasts! (Nicole typing this bit about objectifying women) <---they are kind of asking for it being strippers, already dead inside and all that... Andrew says having sex with them would be classed as necrophilia.

have a nice day with those thoughts in your head. Thanks again for all your help with the 'issue', hope to see you soon.

peace and love

Andrew & Nicole

x x x